Solar Power isn't Feasible!

Solar Power isn't Feasible!
This cartoon was on the cover of the book "SolarGas" by David Hoye. It echoes the Sharp Solar slogan "Last time I checked nobody owned the sun!"

Monday, January 29, 2007

Computer control of electric appliances

This is another video we did that was embedded in a Powerpoint presentation for utilities back at the turn of the century so they could learn how to use new products for controlling electric appliances from remote computers via the internet. It makes you wonder why there are so many huge office buildings that STILL leave the lights and fans on ALL NIGHT! Another case of the "low adoption of efficient energy technologies" paradox that Avraham Shama and economists Adam Jaffe and Robert Stavins (1994) write about (see "The energy paradox and the diffusion of conservation technolog" for more on this!

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